About us

About us

In another way, our identity is of the trustee. Recognized as a partner rather than a service provider.

Our primary purpose is the medium and long-term support of SMEs in the implementation of their national and international development projects, by providing them with complete and custom-made solutions.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the Fiduciaire AL JISR adapts to the needs of its customers in order to support them throughout the life of their companies and provide them with a remarkable quality service.

We have adopted a collaborative approach, materialized by the conclusion of partnership agreements with other firms in different countries in order to offer the most relevant services to our clients.

Why choose us

In our opinion, every customer is unique. We take the time to listen to you and understand your job, your priorities, your operation mode and your values, to offer you a personalized service that perfectly fits your needs.

We are first and foremost a partner. Within the scope of the missions entrusted to us, we attach great importance to listening, trust and a good understanding of the culture of the companies that seek us to support them in their development. This approach builds lasting relationships with our clients, some of which have been since the office’s establishment. Thus, we work in the utmost transparency and mutual respect.

Our values


Proximity is the cornerstone in our relationship with our customers and partners. It can be summarized as follows: proximity means knowing how to listen, consider, interact, respect and be available.


Accessibility is at the heart of our strategic vision. To be accessible is to first be available where our customers and partners need us and when they need us. It is adapting our operating methods to the different expectations of stakeholders.


Flexibility is, first of all, a state of mind considered elementary within the Fiduciaire AL JISR. We are convinced that every business relationship is unique, which leads us to present custom-made offers and personalized support.


Responsibility means that the office members conduct their business in accordance with the ethical standards and take responsibility for their actions.


Quality finds its place in all our work procedures. Thus, satisfying our customers and partners is made via the quality of the services’ implementation and the professional expertise of our teams.